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Chandran Krishnasamy - Level 7 Diploma, British Institute of Technology & E-commerce


I am extremely proud to say that I came through Galaxy Educational Services and recommend all those who are aspiring to do their higher/further education in UK. I have no idea how to do my college admission and visa process, but when I met srinivas sir, I got confidence that I will get Visa for UK. He really took my application seriously and guided me


Navamani, MSc-Advanced Nursing Practices, Bedfordshire University


I am very proud to be a Candidate in Galaxy Educational Services. The assistance made by Mr. Srinivas sambandam & Ms. Vanitha was excellent. Apart from university fees, nothing was taken by them. I strongly recommend this consultancy for any student who wishes to take higher education overseas. I am a student who got admission in University of Bedfordshire for Msc Advanced Nursing studies. A good counseling and direction was given to me regarding the co.....more

Ms. Sheela Antony samy, Msc It, Greenwich University


First and for most I want to thank the staffs of Galaxy Educational Consultants, for their involved helps. Especially I want to thank Mr. Srinivasan Managing Director of Galaxy for his enthusiastic help really I wonder at him because he is very intelligent & punctual person and he has the lot of helping nature though it is part of his job but he never mind to discourage for anything, and the next I give special thanks to Ms . vanitha for her laughing Help. I enjoyed a lot in Galaxy Educational Consultants in my w.....more