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Mr Altafur Rahman,MSc Project Management for Environmental and Energy Engineering, EMN,France, 17/09/2016


Galaxy Educational Consultants are doing excellent job by guiding students to their needed course & allowing them to select universities  suitable to their Subject & Budget.Good tracking, updating of information & guidance by Mr.Sundarrajan...Im so thankful for his guidance & patience with me... Keep it up..All the Best Galaxy.                               


Mr Kiran Krishna,International Bachelors in Computer Science, EPITA, Paris, France, 07/10/2016


Galaxy consultants were total strangers to us when they called us for our elder son Ishvar's masters admission but today the are family to us . Quite strange the relationship actually brought an unexpected result with our  younger son getting admission into EPITA  INTERNATIONAL for his bachelors in computer science in Paris, France.Epita is one of the most reputed institutes across the world and we are very happy with our decision today as we wanted to our son to be part of an institute where his intelligen.....more

Ms Pavithra , MA International Human Resource Management , Middlessex University, UK, 01/10/2016


Hi everyone, this is Pavithra . Wow my experience towards higher studies to United kingdom is incredible. I faced both the failure and success. Initially I applied to Bedfordshire university for MBA -HR. But it was an unsuccessful attempt. It was entirely my bad time, the visa officer intentionally refused my visa. We were not satisfied with the points stated in refusal which made us to apply for administrative review. But then it was also unsuccessful. Galaxy people told me to change the country as no one have reapp.....more