Students who do not meet published and required admission standards may be granted provisional admission based on successful work experience, maturity and motivation.

Level of English Provisional selection / Admission (IELTS)
English proficiency is required before a student can register for credit in any program as the new rule for Students Visa Point System going to be implemented from March 2009 by the UK BORDER AGENCY. The proficiency level of the candidate will be evaluated during the formal interview and in written samples. A candidate may be required to audit classes during one or two quarters before taking classes for credit in order to improve English skills. Where appropriate, GEC may arrange some students to take English classes before they start a program.

Applicants are encouraged to apply three to six months before a preferred starting date and the entire admissions process (from first contact to payment of tuition fees ) takes approximately one month. Deadlines set by the Director of Admissions will be indicated in the application package. The ability of the student to meet the given deadlines is one of the several crucial factors measuring student motivation in the selection process.

Admission Procedure
(i) Preparing a student
At the interview or admissions examination, the Director of Admissions will inform the applicant whether or not he/she is successful in joining a University/College. If successful, the candidate will also receive an acceptance letter. The selection process at University/College is handled either directly from Chennai Branch or from an approved GEC centres. The Director of Admissions will be able to verify whether the prospective student meets the minimum requirements for the chosen program based on the Academic recommendation.

During the entire selection process, prospective students are encouraged to maintain communication with the administration Office. Questions are always welcome, and student confirmation of progress during the admissions process is advantageous and helpful. Student Registration.

New students seeking admission will be registered with an individual log-in ID. Student profiles will be created for past academic performance, the future courses of interest, etc. GEC evaluation of each registered student will be maintained. Each registered student shall have his/her ‘ progress made so far' and can be monitored online. The weaker areas of a student shall be identified and special attention or guidance will be suggested/ given to overcome....

(ii) Student visa
In the case of acceptance, a successful student will be required to pay the part or full tuition fees in order to obtain a Certificate of Enrolment and receive an admissions policy statement. Once all admissions formalities have been satisfied, the candidate can then apply for a student visa through the local British Embassy.

(iii) After successful Visa?
Students are encouraged to arrive at least 2 weeks ahead of time for an initial orientation/transition period in order to adapt to University/College life, meet University/College officials/faculty members and to discover London . All students admitted into University/College are assumed to have read and understood the legal requirements of their stay in the U.K. under the Home Office rules and regulations and have agreed to the terms and conditions of University/College. Any serious breach of the above may lead to their expulsion or deportation.