Languages & Cultural Studies
Intercultural Communication and European Studies
Neuro Cognitive Psychology
Psycology of Excellence in Business Education
Intercultural Communication and Cooperation Master

Law Economics & Social Sciences
European Studies
International Management
European Business Law
International Business Management
Environmental Management
Global Studies
Laws (LLM)
Law & Economics
IT Law
Intellectual Property Law
Management in non-profi prganization
Technologu & Innovation Management
MBA global Management
Financial Management
Business consulting Master
International Business Comsulting
General Management
International Finance
International Industrial Management
Labour policies & Globalisation
Water Resource Management
Master in Public Policy
Humanitaria Action
Master in Higher Education
Customs Administration
European Asian Program
Quantitative Economics
Management of Resources & Environment
International Marketing
International Economics
Accounting & Taxation
Entrepreneurial Leadership

Mathematics,Natural Sciences
Medical Nerosciences
High Integrity Systems
Electronic Business
Software Engineering & Management
Digital Communication
Computer Science
Master of Optis in Science & Technology
Material Science & Engineering
Advanced Materials
Water Science
Applied Polymer Scinece
energy Science & Technology
International Nature Conservation
Molecular Biology
Cellular & Moloecular Neroscience
Neural & Behavioural Sciences
environmental Geosciences
Computational Engineering
Geospatial Technologies
Visual Computing
Environmental Physics
LifeĀ  Medical Sciences
Plant Sciences
Life Science Informatics
Molecular Bioengineering
Biological Diversity & Ecology
Soil Use & Soil Protection
Sports Sciences

Agricultural/Forestry & Nutritional Sciences
International Food Business & Consumer Studies
Tropical and International Agriculture
Agricultural Management
Tropical & International Forestry
International Organic Agriculture
Landscapre Ecology & Nature Conservation
Landscape Architecture

All kinds of Engineering courses available

Global Production Engineering in Solar Technology
Computer Science & Engineering
Analytical Instruments, Measurement & Sensor Technology
Materials Science
Communication & Information Technology
Environmental Studies
Global Innovation Management
Process Energy & Environmental Systems Engineering
Advanced Materials & processess
Engineering in Automative Systems
Automative & Mechanical Engineering
Energy Conversion & Management
power Engineering
Microsystems Engineering
Sensor Systems Technology
Automation & IT
Communcation & Media Engineerin g
Master in Mechatronics
Media Architecture
Structural Engineerings
Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology
Petroleum Engineering
Textile & Ready made clothing Technology
Paper Technology
Optics & Photonics
Infrastructure Planning
Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics