BioMedical Engineering hints :
Hint 1: Today patient is expecting for patient-specific surgery with implants well suited to the patient. In the context of Medical Imaging evolution, prototyping and tissue engineering Technics, such patient-specific becomes one of the concerns of research. The expected Innovative project should address this topic

Hint 2: The emergence of electronics and robotics in surgery is increasing. Robotics offers the opportunity of repeatable and precise treatment. The development of micro and nano electronic offers very huge opportunities. The expected innovative project should address the use of robotics for minimally invasive treatments (injection by syringe, dressing of catheter, bandages …)

Hint 3: People are more and more connected and expecting for a daily healthcare. In this context, connected devices are measuring temperature, pulse, arterial pressure, O2 or CO2 concentration … The proposed project should address the development of a connected device for healthcare.

Robotics & Transports :
Hint 1: One of the concerns of robotics is the autonomy in terms of energy. To improve the autonomy three options are investigated the improving efficiency of batteries, reducing energetic consumption, or reducing the weight of robots. The project proposed should investigate and propose direction of improvement in one of those approaches

Hint 2: Robots are arriving in houses to clean, wash or store. Ideally, customers are also expecting for connected robots. The proposed project must focus on the development of robots for domestic use.

Hint 3: The developments of rapid prototyping and low-cost electronic setup allows the development of «homemade» robotics. The proposed project should focus on the development of robots for domestic or professional but designed only with rapid prototyping and low cost electronic

Aeronautics & Aerospace :
Energy is one of the concerns in the development of aeronautics.
Hint 1: Energy reduction can be reached by reducing turbulence's on the aircraft. The proposed project must address this problem and proposed some direction of research

Hint 2: Energy can be reduced by optimizing or proposed next technology and approach for the jet engine. The proposed project should investigate new jet engine technology

Hint 3: The efficiency of engine and evaluation of turbulence are based on the study of flows in wind tunnel using Optical Technics of observation. The proposed project should focus on the design of a wind tunnel and optical Technics of observation

Scope of Selection

  • Max. of 3 students in each team
  • Each team can choose only one topic
  • Each team can have one faculty moderator
  • Each team can use the hints and develop their own topic
  • Each team Should submit 1 page abstract
  • Each team can have multi-disciplinary departments students. Only for final year & pre-final year students.

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