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About Galaxy

The portfolio of Galaxy Educational Consultants is a conglomerate of institutions / colleges / universities from the UK which helps to add values and worth in the educational cycle of a student. Accurate and correct information have always proved to be reliable and true which deliver the services as promised. Galaxy Educational Consultants acts as a strong channel with core aim to provide paramount opportunities in the academia.

The aim is just not to impart knowledge but also to insure that its access becomes easy and approachable. Of course, the in-built course mechanism ensures that the acquired knowledge is saleable in the market opening to apt jobs in turn paving path to a smooth and comfortable future. Education has no limit and so Galaxy Educational Consultants puts its best so that everyone can share the same sky of intellect.

We hope to continue in the same direction successfully with our only motive being to provide assistance to the youth of today who hold a holistic view towards cutting edge competition. Galaxy Educational Consultants is always