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Admissions are made easy by Galaxy

  • Admission to an international institution is one of the cumbersome and exhaustive processes one undergoes to attain an international degree at reputed institutions/universities apart from questing for an international career. We have understood this better than anybody else and started to focus education abroad services through which one can find the entire process simple and worthwhile. Henceforth, we are here as Galaxy.

  • To the Point International Education & Career guidance

    Galaxy specializes in personal careers guidance for university students and graduates as well as those already embarked on a career, or looking for a change in career. Sometimes students feel that they have no clear plans and are looking for a more individual, more imaginative approach than they have been able to find elsewhere. We look at academic achievements, aims, interests, skills and aptitudes and consider how these might be used in a variety of different career areas

  • Admission Process / Procedure

    Prospective students will be educated in application procedures, accommodation options, travel guidance, right program at right school approach, scholarship and internship options if any as well as potential international career opportunities for the future. In addition, GEC offers an online application and counseling for further guidance. You may start admission process online after having a snapshot of the program you are interested in.